MPOA Endorsement For Modesto Mayor

April 4th, 2023

MPOA Endorsement for City of Modesto Mayor

The Modesto Police Officers’ Association (MPOA) is proud to announce that we are endorsing Sue Zwahlen for Mayor for the City of Modesto.

Sue Zwahlen is currently the Mayor of Modesto and is seeking re-election for a second term as Mayor. Mayor Zwahlen’s strong leadership has helped cultivate a cohesive city council that is very supportive of public safety and has the best interests of Modesto as a whole in all of their decisions.

During her tenure, Mayor Zwahlen led the city through Measure H which will address quality of life issues for our citizens and will make Modesto a better and safer community.

Mayor Zwahlen initiated the Forward Together initiative which will increase transparency for the city and its police department and whose goal is to foster better relationships between our officers and the community we serve.

Mayor Zwahlen has been great for the City of Modesto and our community as a whole. The MPOA is proud to endorse Mayor Zwahlen in her re-election bid.


Robert Gumm
MPOA PAC Chairman

On behalf of:

Daniel Starr MPOA President