• Our Mission

    To build a safe and prosperous environment for everyone in our community. We are invested in Modesto not only from an employment point of view, but because we have families, friends, colleagues and neighbors who live here.

    "We are proud to serve".

  • Honor

    We constantly strive to excel and grow by learning from our experiences, tactics and careful examination of events in the public and private sectors.

    "It's our community too".

  • Dedication

    Our association represents the 182 rank and file police officers who work and live in our community.

    We support many local events.

  • Commitment

    The Modesto Police Officers Association is dedicated to taking an active role in our community to keep our citizens safe.

    MPOA keeps public safety a top priority.

News Flash

MPOA Annual Direct Mail Campaign is Underway!


The Modesto Police Officers' Association has launched its annual 2015 Residential Direct Mail Fundraising Campaign!

This program will be mailed to most residences throughout our jurisdiction. This is an official and authorized program being conducted exclusively by the Modesto Police Officers’ Association.

We are using this direct mail medium because we believe it is the most ethical, respectful, and professional way to raise valuable funds for our group.  It is also a valuable way to communicate and engage our mission, by and between our citizens and community alike.

If you'd like to learn more about the causes MPOA supports visit our Supported Charities page. To donate online


Modesto Police Officers Stand with Representative Jeff Denham

Oct. 25, 2014 - - The Modesto Police Officers Association today endorsed the reelection of Jeff Denham to the United States Congress.  “We all know that crime knows no boundaries.  As Congressman for our area, Jeff Denham has been instrumental in securing funds and raising awareness regarding the impact of crime in our communities,” said Doug Ridenour, Chair of the Modesto Police Officers’ Political Action Committee.   “Denham is always available, listens, and tries to


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